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Online Synchronous Courses/Cours En ligne Synchrones

Synchronous Courses – Cours Synchrones

These are “Synchronous Online” offerings, not studying in isolation. In these
programs you train in a live, interactive environment from the location of your
choice. It has scheduled classes and would use the Microsoft Teams environment
amongst other platforms.

When attending a program in our virtual classroom, you experience all of the
benefits of traditional classroom training, but with added flexibility and
convenience. With a Synchronous Online program, learning is from a live
instructor who will keep the learning engaging and focused, even when students
are not in the same physical classroom. The end result is an interactive and
immersive learning experience from anywhere in the world there is quality
internet access.

Classes will start in September 2022

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For further information and registration please contact directly – Pour
toute information complémentaire, prière de contacter directement
Julia Brandwin-Glait, Manager
Nova Scotia Community College – School of Technology & Environment

GIS – Cartography & Geovizualization
It is a Diploma program which requires the minimum of a 1-year certificate in a related field prior (archaeology, geography, geographic information systems (GIS), forestry, geology, resource management, urban planning, science, engineering, computer science, marketing, fine arts, graphic design, commerce, economics or business administration)
In this program you’ll create professional, dynamic visualizations and maps using the latest geospatial technologies in GIS, data analytics and graphics applications to support industry decisions. You’ll learn to visually communicate a story by researching, preparing and applying cartographic design practices to a variety of datasets. Throughout the program you’ll connect with industry partners, clients and professional associations.
You learn how to:
1. Create and construct engaging data geovisualizations
2. Develop 3D visualizations and interactive maps for online and mobile applications
3. Use cartographic design, typography and symbolization.
4. Design map and visualization production for both print and digital platforms.

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